Halloween Day

Halloween – October 31, 2020

Halloween day is observed on October 31st of each year and is celebrated especially among the children

Children start the evening going to neighborhood with candies as they go trick-or-treating

and even older generation like the youths wear scary clothes and enjoy with friends

This day is considered as the scariest, creepiest, most ghostly holiday of all the annual events. Children dress up in a variety of clothes such as as Batman, the Wonder Woman, Joker or some other favorite character; Adults even celebrate the day by going to parties

or walk their neighborhoods. Scary and Spooky designs are decorated in the windows and porches even homes and even in office parties and screams can be heard in living rooms up and down the city areas as they collectively run their favorite horror movies.

Halloween By Numbers

172 million – Americans celebrating Halloween each year
69% – of people who plan to hand out candy
$8.8 billion – total Halloween spend in 2019
$86.27 – amount spent on decorations, candy, and costume by the average consumer
48% – of people wear a costume on Halloween
46% – of people carve a pumpkin
16% – of people dress up their pets
36 million – trick or treaters each year

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