Every year on October 20th, we enjoy and celebrate this special food holiday popularly known as National Brandied Fruit Day!

During the Victorian era, Brandied fruit was first introduced. It was discovered by adding brandy to fruit, which was the easiest way to enjoy the essence by taking it for a longer period of time. Good things is that this process was also a great way to harvest the taste of fruit, while developing a delicious dessert for all the adults.

Brandied fruit is produced by soaking sweet fresh fruit in brandy, sugar, and spices. Often soaking for 30 days after preparation, this delicious treat is best used as a topping on desserts, such as pies or cakes. While this brandied fruit is used as a starter for companionship and friendship Cake. Quite similar to the idea of a starter for sourdough bread, Friendship Cake takes time to prepare. With this discovery you will surely enjoy one of the most delicious treats for a long time to come.

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