How does color affect our personality and overall mood behavior? National Color Day brings the various color on each of us. The celebration of this special color day is observed each year on October 22nd. Color is way of exposing the powerful and true behavior in human beings. Color can affect a mood in a positive or negative way.  A flush of color in the cheeks of a friend sends a cue of her embarrassment.

It is hard to visualize a world without color. Doctors diagnose a patient’s color skin and find symptoms. The street light turns from red to orange and finally green to indicate movement of traffic. Layers of sediment range in color from black to pale ash in In the Grand Canyon. Color alerts us all these signs of change.  

Colors brightens our homes and plays with our creativity, allowing us to express our happiness. Artists visualizes a new imagination to a whole new realm when they open a box of crayons or watercolors and people of any age lose themselves in a world of their own creation for indefinite period of time.

Different colors indicate different things. Color can be perceived in various mood

Red:  Excitement – Love – Strength

White: Happiness – Purity.

Blue:  Corporate – High Quality

Pink: Sophistication – Sincerity

Yellow:  Competence – Happiness

Green:  Good Taste – Envy – Relaxation

Violet/Purple:  Authority – Power

Brown:  Ruggedness

Black:  Grief – Fear

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