Viking Bookkeeping Course

Bookkeeping is the first knowledge before becoming an accountant, In more simplistic term, what makes book keeping different than accounting is, a bookkeeper monitors numbers in financial world where as, and an accountant scrutinizes the numbers and analyzes it. Compared to accounting, bookkeeping is definitely less complicated as it doesn’t require the same math expertise.

In Book keeping you need to focus more on tracking the finances, organize accounts and continuously reconcile the books. In other words, bookkeeping is the process of tracking and recording daily transactions and organize the documents related to finance. On the other hand, accounting capitalizes on the data collected from bookkeeping records and the objective is to find legitimate answers to a company’s finances and development.

Viking Bookkeeping course will provide the knowledge in easy to understand applications with 3 video series and one pdf.

In this Viking Course you will learn how to achieve your goals.